Search for other like minded outdoor enthusiasts based on your favorite activities and skill levels or by your favorite locations to do those activities


Ability to add friends or favorites, and message directly in the app
Connect with others by posting discussions and sharing ideas about various topics, from gear to education to beta.


Ability to post upcoming adventures by specifying activity and skill level, and allow others to join

How It Works

Activities & Skill Levels Search


Note – before starting a search, be sure to select your preferences and create a profile under the settings section (the activity & skill level selections made in your profile can be copied over into the search feature and edited thereafter)

Click on an activity bubbles to get started and select the skill level(s) you wish to apply to that activity

Hit the green arrow to save and apply your selections for that given activity

Repeat until all activities & skill levels you wish to apply to your search criteria are made

Hit Apply & Search to view everyone who meets the criteria selected

Users will be able to view up to 10 profiles that fit their criteria; a subscription is required to view more than 10 profiles

When viewing a profile, the activities you have in common will be shaded green

Users can favorite people by clicking on the star icon in the profile; a subscription will be required to favorite more than one person per day

Users can send a friend request by clicking the friend icon in the profile (note – messages can be sent to friends only once they’ve accepted your friend request)


Favorite Places Search


Select an activity under the “Select Activity” section

Select location under “Select Location” or next to the location icon up top

Click on location pin to either favorite or see users who have favorited

In order to favorite, click on star icon in upper right corner

Click on green “x” next to activity and location to clear selection

Pro tip – view only the locations you have selected by clicking on the “My Favorite Places” bubble in lower left corner




Discussions can be created with a number of different topics

Search or filter discussions by selecting gray fields at the bottom of the page

Create a new discussion by clicking on the green plus sign next to “Adventures” bubble

By default, discussions will only be seen by your friends, unless you choose to make them public, in which case they’ll be seen by everyone within a 100 mile radius (ie if you are looking for beta from someone in your local area)

Discussions with a globe icon at the top are visible to the public, and discussions with a friends icon are only visible to friends

The author of a discussion has the ability to edit or delete their own discussion; likewise, the author of a comment also has the same ability

Users have the ability to turn notifications on or off for any given discussion by clicking the notification icon under the photo/video

Users can report a discussion by clicking the flag icon, which will send a notification to the administrator




By default, adventures can only be seen by friends

Users can filter adventures by activity or view only their adventures by clicking on the gray filters at the bottom of the page

Adventures will appear from oldest to newest and will be deleted the day after they are scheduled to end

The name of the adventure will appear in the dark green bubble

Users can see more details (activity, skills level, date, time, & duration) about the adventure by clicking on it

Users can join the adventure by clicking on the green plus sign under the profile photo; they can also see who’s joined by clicking on the friend icon next to the join button

Users have the ability to send a message the creator of the adventure by clicking on the message area at the bottom of the adventure details screen

Authors of an adventure have the ability to edit or delete their own adventures


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