Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of features to check out, but the first step requires that you set up your profile and set your preferences. This can be done be clicking on the settings icon on the far right-hand side of the menu at the bottom of the screen. The profile and preferences sections will be listed at the very top.

The search feature on the far left-hand side of the menu is aimed at helping you find other people to get outside with. There are two types of search functions – searching by activity & skill levels, and searching by favorite outdoor locations.

Activity & skill levels – this type of search is geared towards finding people who share mutual activities & skill levels within a particular radius. For example, if you like to hike and consider yourself an advanced hiker, you can find others who are also advanced hikers (or a combination of medium and advanced hikers).

Favorite places – this type of search is geared towards finding people who like to do a particular activity, and their favorite place where they like to do that given activity.  For example, if you like to ski at Mt Baker Ski Area, you can search for others who also like to ski at Mt Baker Ski Area.

We respect your privacy and designed the app around that. You will not be able to send or receive messages from anyone until a friend request has been sent and accepted. You also have the option to post discussions that are only visible to friends (by default), and any adventures that are posted are visible to friends only as well. Lastly, if there is a discussion that you feel is offensive or inappropriate, you will have the ability to report it and send it to our admin.

Yes, our app is designed around a freemium model that gives everyone access to all of our great features. However, there is also a subscription service that allows you to go above and beyond.  With a subscription you’ll be able to 1) display more than 10 profiles in the activity & skill level search screen, 2) send more than one friend request per day, & 3) favorite more than one person per day. A subscription can be purchased under the settings screen.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, especially if you are experiencing any issues. You can contact us by going to the Contact/Support section under the settings screen. You can also contact us by going to the Contact section on our website.